Saturday, May 28, 2011


Write a short description of different cropping systems in your country (about 100 words). Try to use at least 10 terms introduced in this lesson. Make use of relative pronouns in constructing your compound sentences. 
Write the description in the comment box below.  

The following questions may help you get started:

Do some farmers in your country grow more than one crop at the same time? If so, where, and what crops do they plant?

If farmers grow fruit and vegetables at the same time, how do they set about this?

If farmers grow two or more crops, but not at the same time, what crops are used and what techniques are employed?

What are the advantages of growing several crops?


Answer the following questions. Write your anawer in the comment box below.

What is polyculture?
Can you describe some of the important polyculture systems?
Which ones are practised in your country?
Which of these systems do you think are the most difficult for farmers to implement? Why?
Which systems are easier? Why?

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