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This section explains the grammar that was introduced in the reading. Study the grammar carefully and complete the practice exercises to test your understanding. You may find it helpful to read the Reading again once you have practiced the grammar.

Modifiers, Noun Phrases and Verb Phrases
Remember the following sentences from the reading in this lesson:
1.      In monocultural farming systems, one or more crops per year may be grown.
2.      In both instances, crops are grown under monocultural practices.
3.      In monocultural systems, rotation is important for soil tilth.

These sentences all have the pattern:
(Modifiers) + Noun Phrase + Verb Phrase + (Noun Phrase) + (Modifier)
Noun Phrases
Verb Phrases
In monocultural farming systems,
one or more crops
may be grown
In both instances,
are grown
for soil tilth
is important

Please note that:
  • Sentences must start with a modifier (usually a time phrase or a place phrase) or a noun phrase.
Examples of place and noun phrase:
Place Phrase
Noun Phrase
In Thailand
At the meeting
The meeting
All over the country
The country
  • Sentences cannot start with a verb phrase.
  • Modifiers are usually put at the start or end of sentences.
  • Sentences must have a noun phrase and a verb phrase.
  • The verb phrase must be after the noun phrase.
  • When sentences start with a place phrase or time phrase (modifiers) these are followed by a comma (,). 


Write a short description of monocultural practices in your country (about 100 words). Try to use at least 10 terms introduced in this lesson. Make use of modifiers, noun phrases and verb phrases in constructing your sentences.  Write your answers in the comment box for comments and feedback.
The following questions may help you get started:

Do farmers in your country concentrate on one crop, or do they grow many types of crops?

Discuss any regional differences.

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of growing only one crop?

How does the present situation compare with the past?

What is monoculture?

Where is it practised?

How important is this agricultural system in your country?

What are some of the main advantages of monocultural practises?

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